Rafael Natanek, Partner at Bain & Co

"Neena has a way of asking questions that go to the core of you as a person, and how you relate to your career. These can be linked to your daily interactions at work, or larger professional choices you are facing. Her approach has both impressed and helped me."


Rafael Natanek Bain & Co

John Auckland, CEO TribeFirst

"If you are looking for an exceptionally talented, insightful career and life coach then I implore you to contact Neena. She is at the top of her game and you can consider yourself very lucky if you have been given the opportunity to work with her"



"I have been very fortunate to be able to turn to Neena for counsel on business and personal matters over a number of years. She has provided me with pragmatic solutions to complicated situations, using her outstanding ability to analyse situations and remain objective. Neena's guidance benefits from her diverse personal and professional experience, giving her insight into a range of situations not many would be able to understand.  If you want to gain some clarity and direction with your personal or business matters, Neena comes highly recommended."



"Neena has a gift. She is able to hone in on issues quickly and precisely, and balances this with immeasurable patience in guiding you to unearth what she sees, as clearly as she sees it, together." 




Hassan Al-Hassani Consultant


Bibek Gooptu Lung Consultant

"Neena Madhok’s coaching input has been a revelation to me. She combines great psychological acuity with powerful strategic thinking and excellent instincts for identifying the most constructive way forward.  She has the ability to analyse a complex career or work proposition that may involve multiple parallel strands, to draw out goals for the future and to distil these insights in order to generate key questions.  The answers to these questions provide the basis for coherent plans for action and ongoing development.  These remain in line with core principles and goals, maintaining integrity while generating new excitement - a winning and highly-motivating combination!"


Alanna O'Garro, Founder and CEO Rivers Coaching

Alanna O'Garro CEO Rivers Coaching

"Neena Madhok has been my coach for four years, and has guided me through huge life changes during this time. Her style of coaching has always challenged me, forcing me to reassess my perceptions and inner values. It was her coaching that led to great success in my career, and gave me the courage to set up my own social enterprise. I myself am now a trained and experienced coach as a result of my sheer admiration of the work that Neena does."



"Neena has an exceptional ability to truly see and understand people around her. She has a rare combination of deep intuition and rigorous analysis."