I can work with you in a wide range of areas, and will help you to create positive and permanent shifts in your life.


Live an enjoyable and fulfilling life

Grow your confidence and self esteem

Reduce anxiety

Build better relationships

Gain clarity over your next steps

Understand how to make changes

Get unstuck

Have the career that you want


Getting Started

For coaching to be successful it is essential that there is a good fit and that we take an approach that is best for you. This is why I offer a free initial session, face to face or over Skype. During this session we will discuss your situation and goals, I will answer questions that you have about coaching and together we will explore whether coaching could help you. If we decide to work together we will also tailor the programme to your needs.


What does a session look like?

A coaching session with me consists of a powerful conversation in which I listen to you fully, and ask you effective questions to help you gain clarity and find your own answers to achieve your goals.

I do not tell you what to do, or advise you, instead I empower you to change your own life. Our sessions focus on what you are going through in that moment, and involve a mixture of exploration and action setting. In between sessions I am available to provide you with support over email, as well as tailored exercises to help you take action and make changes in your life.

To support you on your journey I use tools and insights from my personal transformation, my corporate and startup experience, as well from my extensive coaching and therapy training. My integrated approach combines traditional coaching processes with a wide range of tools from other disciplines, including Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness. Learn more about me.

My approach to coaching is truly transformative and will support you both practically (action setting, CV writing etc) and emotionally (reconnecting with your emotions, becoming more present and less reactive). Read thoughts from my clients.


How we can work together

I coach clients globally, either face to face in Amsterdam near Museumplein or over Skype.

During the discovery session we will explore your needs together and decide on the best way to work together. We can either have regular 60 or 90 min sessions face to face or over Skype, or set aside a half or full day to focus on you. We will continue to tailor the coaching format to suit your needs as we progress.